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Tax 29

From pen-and-paper, into the digital realm: fast, accurate tax preparation by real humans.

Our Scope

Customer Portal, Operations Dashboard, Android App, iOS App


Web Development, Process Optimization, UX/UI Design


Laravel, React Native

About the Client

Tax 29 is a tax preparation company in northeast Ohio, serving thousands of individuals and small businesses locally. They have an amazing team of detail-oriented tax preparers, working through each return by hand to ensure an accurate and stress-free experience for their clients. The "29" originated from their low $29 price point for a basic return.

Prior to getting in touch with Modern McGuire Productions, Tax 29's operations were largely "pen and paper" – with clients mailing/bringing in their tax documents, setting them up with a return appointment, and repeating the process until it was complete and sent to the IRS and state agencies.

Tax 29 knew things could be better. And that's where Modern McGuire Productions stepped in.

We crafted a robust online platform that works seamlessly on top of their existing workflow. The system collects info and documents from clients digitally, allows clients to review and pay for their return, correspond with their preparer, and even sign for documents – all online and without the need to visit a Tax 29 branch. (And coming soon, we're releasing a mobile app for Tax 29 to make the process even easier.)

On the operational side of things, Tax 29 management can distribute returns to multiple preparers, keep track of the status of all returns to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and much more.

In short, we helped Tax 29 bring their business online, which resulted in significant time savings for their staff, and an increased value for their customers.

Modern McGuire has stepped up for our business in a big way. They developed our site from scratch, tailor made to fit our needs and help make a way for our clients to be able to use our service in a seamless way.

Their team has always been kind friendly and informative. One of the biggest needs we have as a company would be a quick and effective response when something comes up, and the Modern McGuire team has not dropped the ball.

I would have to say, teaming up with Modern McGuire Productions has helped move our business out of the brick and mortar ruts, and has developed a way for us to reach new heights.

Jake Bennett Tax 29

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