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Modern McGuire Productions

We are Modern McGuire Productions

We're not your typical web development agency - we break that stereotype. We add human touch to every aspect of our work, while creating warm and engaging products for our clients.

Mission and Vision

We save time for business owners of all types, by crafting software solutions that streamline operations.

Core Principles


We’re generous with one another and with our clients - ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and valued every step of the way. No element of our interactions should feel burdensome or inspire avoidance.


The solution to problems, even if they’re technical in nature, involve an amount of creativity that should be championed. We won’t shy away from finding new and improved ways to solve puzzles.


We err on the side of overcommunication wherever possible, since poor communication can easily rot our productivity and everyone's well-being. We ensure all parties have an understanding of the matter at hand so we can work most effectively.

We got the perfect team to help your business thrive.

Tommy McGuire

Founder and CEO

Ben Miller

Technical Director

Grayson Erhard

Full Stack Developer

Ethan Brace

Full Stack Developer

Matt Murtaugh

Full Stack Developer

Francis Galguerra

Full Stack Developer

Desiree Carabio

UI/UX Designer

Krizzia Alcantara

Business Development Associate

Louise Galura

Operations Assistant

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