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Things We Use

A list of tools, apps, software, and services we use at Modern McGuire Productions.
Inspired by the fantastic Wes Bos.

Open Source Ecosystem


The framework of choice at team Modern McGuire. Thank you, Taylor Otwell!



An invaluable tool for picking up new skills in our industry.


We leverage Statamic as a content management system on our more content-heavy projects (including this one!).


We can't imagine not "composer install"-ing any Spatie packages in our projects.

Beyond Code

Our team uses tools like Tinkerwell, HELO, and Herd on the daily. And we're fully convinced Marcel is a wizard. 🧙‍♂️

React Native

Our go-to framework for building cross-platform mobile apps.


VS Code

The Swiss army knife of code editors.

PHP Storm

For those that have not yet tasted the VS Kool-Aid. 😉


An indispensable tool for wireframing, prototyping, and designing.

Adobe Illustrator

You never know when a .ai file hits your email.

Hosting + Services


In a sea of Platforms-as-a-Service, we chose DigitalOcean for their great interfaces, excellent tools, and seamless integrations with Laravel Forge.


The one and only place to store code, in our view.

Laravel Forge

We use Forge for nearly every project, big and small – and we can't imagine a better tool to meet our needs.

Business + Operations


As a professional employer organization (PEO), Justworks seamlessly handles our team's payroll, benefits, and other various HR needs. 10/10, would recommend.



This serves not only as our primary project management tool, but as a repository for certain project documentation, company files, and more.


We heavily use Toggl for time tracking, which neatly organizes our time entries and helps with billing clients.

Google Workspace

The ol' reliable service that gives us email, shared files, and more.


You know, for money stuff.


Is there a business out there that doesn't use QuickBooks?


PandaDoc allows us to quickly create contracts and action plans, streamlining our business operations.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

We utilize YNAB for our own internal budgeting – plus offer it to our team as a perk!

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