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Be a part of an extraordinary group of people, doing what you love.
What we look for

We have a few high-level principles we seek when building our team:

Technical Excellence

Whether for a code-specific position or not, we seek team members who exhibit strong proficiency in software and products, to ensure we serve our clients well.

Strong Communication

Excellent communication skills are crucial for remote collaboration and to serve our clients effectively. We value team members who can effectively engage in discussions with the team and clients.

Good Humans

We pride ourselves on being an amazing group of people with a servant leadership mentality. The easier we get along with one another, the more effectively we can serve our clients.

We value our culture and principles

Joining the Modern McGuire Productions team means becoming a valued member of a community that prioritizes personal and professional development, fosters mutual trust, and upholds a culture of respect. Oh, and we make some pretty cool stuff too! 😉

Our commitment to continuous learning and improvement drives us to embrace a feedback-driven approach. Above all, we demonstrate care in everything we do – whether it's crafting solutions, brainstorming ideas for clients, or keeping an eye on new technologies and frameworks. Because when we do this, we're not only building up our clients – we're building up ourselves, too.

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Open Job Positions

Currently, we're not actively hiring for any positions. Please check back again soon!

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