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Streamlining EmoryDay's day-to-day process, one task at a time.

Our Scope

Operations Dashboard, Customer Portal


Web Development, Design Implementation, Process Optimization


Laravel, API Integrations

About the Client

EmoryDay is a top-quality, digital marketing agency that serves hundreds of small business clients nationwide. When the EmoryDay team approached us, they were ready to serve their clients to an even higher degree.

With EmoryDay's direction, we built an entirely custom platform that consolidates a vast array of client information, so those clients can see marketing and advertising metrics as provided by the EmoryDay team. EmoryDay clients can view marketing insights, see advertising results across platforms, review meeting agendas, build embeddable funnels, and much more.

To meet EmoryDay's needs, we leveraged many integrations which minimized EmoryDay's operational impact – such as call tracking systems, Google, Bing, and Facebook ad platforms, email campaign tools, and more.

Upward Mobility

But this wasn't enough for the team at EmoryDay. They saw Modern McGuire's capabilities, and how we helped them execute their vision for clients. But what about their own team and internal operations? Well, we helped them build all that, too. A vast portion of EmoryDay's day-to-day operations takes place within the portal we built at their direction – including time tracking, task management, client management, referral tracking, billing systems, onboarding flows, and much more.

We're proud to have built the systems that run EmoryDay, day in and day out, and we're excited to see what's around the corner.

The team at Modern McGuire Productions plays a critical role in the success of our software development. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented, resourceful, and most importantly responsive group. Our development efforts have gone faster, farther, and much smoother for their involvement. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Joe Jaap EmoryDay

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