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Starting a project over, without breaking the bank.

Our Scope

Customer Portal, Operations Dashboard


Web Development, Design Implementation, UX/UI Design


Laravel, API Integrations, Filament, Stripe, Tailwind CSS

About the Client

easythanks is a quick, easy tool that allows college applicants to create detailed thank-you letters to admissions decisionmakers.

Modern McGuire Productions was approached by easythanks to take over development of their software platform that other developers had previously begun work on. This isn't an uncommon situation for us – we're regularly approached by new clients who are hoping for a breath of fresh air.

We were excited to work with easythanks, and began scoping out their project. In our findings, it we determined it was actually faster and more cost-effective to simply start from scratch, than to bolt on additional features to their older codebase. And that's exactly what we did.

In record time, we ported all the functionality over, set up an administrative panel, hooked up billing and account invitation management, and social media logins – ahead of schedule, and under budget. Now that was easy. 😉

Now, easythanks is well-poised to expand into other new markets, offer white-label solutions, take easythanks to new heights.

Tommy and the team as very responsive, efficient and great to work with. We were pleased with their work and look forward to working with them in the future!

Simms Jenkins easythanks

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